Hi! I’m Sarah, and this is my story.

Hi! I’m Sarah, mama of one and founder of Mama’s Cauldron. I’ve taught high school through college and written for various audiences over the years. My formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration.

Mama’s Cauldron is the culmination of my dream of a flexible, fulfilling, and fun lifestyle. Bonus: I get to stay home with my little one. I do this by providing quality, engaging content for cannabis industry professionals.

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What’s with the “Cauldron?”

I would like to give a shout-out to my mother – she inspired this section! Always supportive, even when she’s asking “…why the cauldron?” So, here you go, mom! (And anyone else curious).

In times past, the hearth was the literal center of many European homes. It was the warmest place on the coldest nights, the light of a small house, and the location of the sizable cooking pot that would be going at all hours of the day to ensure a family was well-fed. That pot, the cauldron, kept everyone sustained through daily life. It also required creativity with ingredients based on availability.

The significance of the cauldron is seen in both Irish and Welsh mythos. The Dagda, the father figure of the Irish Gods in pre-Christian times, had a cauldron of plenty. It was said to never run out, no matter how many people he fed.

In the Welsh origin tale of their most famous bard, Taliesin, the Goddess-Sorceress Ceridwen brews a potion of inspiration in her cauldron. Put simply, she is known for possessing the cauldron of inspiration (Awen).

When I sat down to think of my business, a lot of options went down on paper. None of the very chic, corporate-type ideas felt comfortable, nor did the super-Earthy botanical branding that is trendy lately. (As much as I love it!)

I looked at a passion of mine (mythology, specifically of the Isles) and realized: the solution was right in front of me! So, here it is:

A cauldron of inspiration, the center of the home, the symbolic support of the family.