About Sarah @ Mama’s Cauldron

I just wanted to feel better.

When I began seeking out relief with cannabis I was a new mom living with post-partum anxiety and depression. These conditions were amplified when the pandemic hit. ‘Traditional’ medication made it worse. So, I got certified for medical cannabis in Florida.

It sucked.

As a newcomer, information about cannabis was confusing. My first official dispensary trip was incredibly uncomfortable. And I wasn’t sure what brands I could trust.

Mama’s Cauldron was formed to help cannabis businesses improve the experience for others like me.


Help cannabis patients thrive by supporting ethical, innovative cannabis businesses through marketing with integrity and creativity.


A world where consumers of all kinds can access cannabis freely and safely; where the cannabis industry can be relied on for quality, integrity, ethics, and equity.


Empowering Consumers

Empowering cannabis consumers by working with patient-centered businesses. Additional efforts from the Cauldron include advocacy for safe products and consumer education.

Empowering Marginalized Populations

Supporting businesses and advocacy efforts that are owned and operated by: women, People of Color, LGBT* folks, and disabled people.

* Mama’s Cauldron is queer-owned & operated.

The story behind the “Cauldron”

Shout-out to my mom – supportive, even when she’s asking “…why the cauldron?” So, here you go, mom! (And anyone else who is curious).

When I first conceptualized my business, a lot of options went down on paper. Neither chic, corporate-type nor super-Earthy botanical ideas felt right. They all felt like…roleplaying. UGH.

Inspiration came during a nerdy history conversation with friends. My strong interest in the mythology of the Isles put the solution right in my face:

The hearth used to be the literal center of many homes. It was the main source of warmth and light for families and often featured a large cast-iron cooking pot. These pots – cauldrons – sustained families in daily life and required creativity with ingredients.

The significance of cauldrons appears in both Gaelic and Welsh mythos. The Dagda, the father figure of the Gaelic deities in pre-Christian times, had a cauldron of plenty. It never runs out, no matter how many people are fed.

In the Welsh tale of Taliesin, a famous bard, the Goddess-Sorceress Ceridwen brews a potion in her cauldron. She is known for possessing the cauldron of inspiration (Awen).

Mama’s Cauldron was born.