Cannabis Consulting

Get some guidance as a business or aspiring creative. I want to help you help yourself. This is a great option to bounce ideas, get a fresh perspective, and learn from my experiences (and mistakes!)

Save yourself some tears – pick my brain. My unique life experiences and education have built a bank of knowledge. I want you to benefit from it!

A single hour-long chat may save you thousands of dollars as a business – or hundreds of hours as a freelancer. What can I do for you as a consultant or coach? In general, this is what goes down:

I get to know you, your business, your struggles.

You get tailored advice, knowledge, and recommendations.

Get in the door with my network – including an introduction, if it’s appropriate.

VIP treatment before, during, and after our chats.

Kind – but candid – conversation. May include bad jokes. Sorry!

As a teacher, I had hundreds of “clients” I coached daily. I knew (and still know) their names, goals, families. How they struggle. What they love. How to best work with them. I was also a go-to for a consult if other teachers needed help. I knew the network. Our resources. The culture, politics.

I’ve taken these skills out of the classroom and into business. If you’re seeking a chat with someone who genuinely gets to know you, cares about your success, and meets you where you’re at to get you where you’re going…we should talk.

Rates & Bundles


Rate: $80/hr

Term: 1 month

Book what you need for one month. One call? Done. One per week? Great! This is a perfect choice for bouncing ideas and picking my brain.


Rate: $75

Term: 3 months

Commit to 3 months for more personalized assistance. Great pick for start-ups, new freelancers, or short projects.


Rate: $70

Term: 6 months+

Get my assistance for extended projects, building a business, or learning the ropes as a content writer. Discounted rate per hour for a 6 month (or greater) relationship.

Client Chatter

“Look at you, you’re so good.”

Rachel R.

Client: Email Content Consultation