Content Writing Services

You’ve got a plan. Now, you need content. Content that helps you build relationships with your consumers and your reputation in the industry.

Nail your brand voice with engaging, educational content—all while saving yourself some time. Go ahead, enjoy your sesh instead.

I’ve got you.

What is content writing?

Unlike copywriting, content writing is more concerned with the education, entertainment, and engagement of an audience. There can absolutely be an overlap between the two, especially when it comes to actual deliverables but the focus and intent of the writing is the difference.


Copywriting = Persuading

Content writing = Nurturing

Both are critical parts of a marketing funnel, as you can’t sell something if people don’t know—or trust—you.

Why should you hire a content writer?

Nearly every business has a digital presence. The smaller ones forgo a website in favor of social media and a customer relationship management (CRM) software like Honeybook, while larger ones boast robust websites and holistic social media campaigns.

And someone, somewhere, has to write what you’re reading!

Most business owners aren’t writers, though. Or, if they are, they may be too busy to write their own marketing. It happens.

Considering the power that content—like blogs—has to entice search engines to rank them higher, a content writer who can incorporate SEO is invaluable.

Hiring a pro ultimately increases the quality and effectiveness of your content while freeing your time up to focus on…everything else.

What to expect from a content writer:

A good content writer:

  • Writes with the intent of your audience in mind
  • Understands your business goals, brand voice, and audience personas
  • Can write within any format using best practices—like including on-page SEO
  • Writes original, error-free content
  • Conducts thorough research
  • Adheres to stylebooks, compliance guidelines, and outlines
  • Draws your audience in…and keeps ’em

You should hire a content writer if you:

  • Are not a strong writer
  • Want to grow your organic traffic
  • Desire to be a thought leader but can’t get words to ‘paper’

Content Writing Services & Rates

These are starting rates. I’ll look at the full scope of the project for a custom proposal to suit your needs.

  • Blogs & Articles: $300+
  • Informational Site Pages: $200+
  • LinkedIn Profile: $400+
  • Emails: $100+
  • Social captions: $30+
  • White Papers: $2000+