Mama’s Cauldron Cookie Policy

Updated 12/01/2020

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This cookie policy explains how Mama’s Cauldron uses cookies & similar technology to recognize when users visit the website(s) at Sometimes, cookies are used to collect personal information. What cookies are, why they are used, and your rights to control your use of them are explained below.

What are “cookies”?

Cookies are little data files which are placed on your device (computer, mobile) whenever you visit a website. They’re used by many-if not most-website owners to make the website more efficient/functional in addition to reporting certain information.

First Party Cookies:
These are set by the site owner(s) (Mama’s Cauldron). Many of these are essential.

Third Party Cookies:
Set by entities/parties other than Mama’s Cauldron. These are often used for integrated features and improved functionality such as analytics, ads, and interactive content. These cookies are recognized on Mama’s Cauldron and may be recognized on other websites as well.

Why use “cookies”?

Some types of cookies are necessary for the website to function, or to function better. These are considered “essential” or “necessary” cookies.

Some types are used to track a user’s interests, which will enhance the overall experience through more relevant advertisements, et cetera.

See below for the specific type of cookies Mama’s Cauldron uses.

How can a user control “cookies”?

Users have the right to accept or reject cookies: go to preferences in the cookie consent manager. Users are able to select what categories to accept and reject. Note: this does not apply to the “essential” or “necessary” cookies, as the website cannot function without them.

Please also note that rejecting other classifications of cookies may limit some functionality through the website.

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