Copywriting Services

You’ve got words on your site. Lots of words, everywhere. But are they effectively converting your customers, or are you tearfully saying goodbye? ??

From emails to product descriptions, landing pages to ads, a good copywritier is worth their weight in gold.

And I’m quite…fluffy.

What is copywriting?

A lot of people use copywriting and content writing interchangeably. Some may argue that copywriting is a type of content writing—others say they’re completely different.

Regardless of opinion, copywriting is writing and there can actually be quite an overlap in deliverables: both content writers and copywriters may produce blogs or emails, for example.

So, what is the difference?

Generally speaking, copywriters persuade an audience to take some sort of action—like purchasing an item or subscribing to a service.

Content writers generally engage and educate, focusing more on nurturing relationships with prospective customers.

And yes—you really do need both.

Why should you hire a copywriter?

Good copywriters know writing. Great copywriters know writing to persuade people. Absolutely badass copywriters know writing, how to persuade people, and your industry.

Bringing in a pro keeps your messaging consistent, copy clean and compliant, and relevant to your audience. Another underrated skill? Saying the same thing multiple ways. You want consistency, not repetition.

And unless you like writing, copywriting is one of the easier tasks to outsource.

What to expect from a copywriter:

Critical characteristics found in good copywriters:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Supporting knowledge: general marketing, science, education
  • Research and analysis skills
  • The ability to adjust to different content formats, voices, tones
  • Clean work
  • SEO optimization

You should hire a copywriter if you:

  • Aren’t a copywriter
  • Are trying to sell something, ever
  • Use text in your marketing materials

Copywriting Services & Rates

These are the starting rates. I’ll look at the full scope of the project for a custom proposal to suit your needs.

  • Landing pages: $500+
  • Sales pages: $300+
  • Product descriptions: $100+
  • Emails: $100+
  • Social captions: $30+
  • Ads: $50+